Lose up to 10 Lbs in the Next 7 Days – GUARANTEED

...and Once You Lose 25 Lbs, WE’ll PAY YOU $500!

That’s not a typo, and this is NOT a gimmick. It’s a 100% sincere and legitimate offer, from us to you.

If you take action, we’ll guarantee you’ll be down as much as 10 pounds by next and continue losing each week.

Wait, it gets even better...

Once you lose 25 pounds with our step-by-simple-step system, we’ll pay you $500 for your success story. Just like we did for Ginger and Katie (shown to the right)!

Ginger with $500
Ginger lost 25 Lbs in 42 days and we paid her for her success story, and then went on to lose 50 Lbs!

One more thing...We're going to GIVE YOU our entire program for FREE, so you can make it happen.

We know this sounds too good to be true; please allow us to explain...

Some people (including our accountant) think we’ve lost our minds...but we're not joking around when it comes to your health.

Millions of people are struggling to lose weight across this country while unscrupulous diet, supplement and even “health food” companies pocket your hard earned money.

It’s time to put that money right back where it belongs, in your own pocket… and finally get you on the fast track to losing fat and improving your health.

Katie lost 11 lbs in the first week and got to her ideal weight in just 73 days!

And we're going to help you do it quicker than you ever imagined. Watch this short video for a quick explanation...


First things first though...

Who the heck are we to offer you $500
for your weight loss success?

We are FITera and we’ve been helping people lose weight online (and keep it off) for 24 years now and WE WANT YOU to be our next amazing success story!

We're even going to GIVE YOU our entire Fast Track to Fat Loss program with the promise of $500 (for your success story) when you give it an honest shot. Because when you do, it flat-out WORKS!

FITera Team

It works 100% of the time - for EVERYONE (including YOU)!

...EVEN IF you have little time, energy, willpower, or motivation...EVEN IF you struggle with cravings, emotional eating, food allergies, pain or injuries...EVEN IF you have poor genetics, a slow metabolism, or hormonal issues.

EVEN IF you’ve tried EVERYTHING to lost weight and are feeling frustrated, discouraged, and hopeless...what I’m about to GIVE YOU WILL WORK for you.

...but we might be getting just a little ahead of ourselves here...

Why are we so adamant that we can get you to your ideal weight faster than anyone else...and keep the weight OFF permanently?

It’s a fun story actually.

We created the world’s very first online weight loss program more than 24 years ago.

When that happened, success stories (created by our program) started rolling in by the thousands and have been featured in magazines, books, and countless TV shows, including the Dr. Oz Show.

TV screen and magazine articles

Since then, we’ve hosted countless live events for people on our program and they’ve come from all over the world to meet each other in person and celebrate their success with us. Here are some group photos of just a few of these live events...

San Diego retreat
Fast Track to Fat Loss Retreat 2013 - San Diego, CA

Oh, and we’ve earned an unheard-of A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 5-star reviews on both Google and Facebook.

positive Facebook reviews
positive BBB reviews

Now, we don’t say all this to just “toot our own horn”...but rather so you better understand the reason we're offering you this special opportunity today.

We want YOU to have the same kind of success real people (just like you are) enjoying with our Fast Track to Fat Loss program!

Because here’s the thing...

The deck is stacked against you...

The statistics are daunting...we’re getting fatter and sicker at a truly alarming rate.

Brace yourself...did you know:

  • The MAJORITY (over 68%!) of the people in America are either overweight or obese
  • Children as young as NINE years old are being diagnosed with obesity and weight-related conditions
  • Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the US with approximately 610,000 deaths per year, but...
  • Diabetes is creeping up quickly and is now the SECOND leading cause of preventable death in the US.
  • The costs associated with obesity and the complications it brings costs over $200 BILLION dollars per year (most of which goes into the pockets of Big Food – who are helping make you fat...and Big Pharma – “helping” make you better)


If you’re overweight, you’re unfortunately at risk for all of the health issues above. But we want you to know...

There is HOPE.

You don’t have to live with being overweight. You don’t have to wonder when you’re going to have a heart attack or be diagnosed with diabetes. You don’t have to settle for baggy clothes, pain or illness, or lack of energy.

Let’s face the facts.

Since you’re still reading this page, we're guessing you’ve been riding the “weight loss roller coaster” much longer than you care to admit.

You’re not alone. It happens to millions of people just like you every single day. You wake up, you’re FED UP with your weight and your health, and you start the most popular diet on Facebook...or head over to the gym to re-up your membership from the last time you tried to lose weight.

It’s everywhere.

Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, Slow Carb, too MUCH exercise, NO exercise...countless pills and potions and none of it EVER seems to actually work. You just end up spending more and more time, effort, and money and you don’t lose any weight...or worse...(see if this sounds familiar...)

Wendi Hatton, 58
Lost 82 lbs in 4 1/2 months

You go on the latest most popular diet...you see your friends losing weight, so you make the decision that this is THE ONE for you...so you jump on the pain-train.


You lose “a little weight” and then gain it all back and then some. Not only did you fail the latest greatest diet...you weigh more now than ever.

It’s enough to make most people just give up. And we sure as heck don’t blame you.

It’s a vicious circle of throwing good money after bad...and that’s what got us thinking...

“What if we could use our 24+ years of helping people finally lose weight and get into the best shape of their lives...to help YOU discover...”

Lee Shirey, 62
Lost 49 lbs in 12 weeks

The LAST nutrition program you’ll EVER need to lose weight, get fit, and be healthy and happy!

Here’s what we’ve learned and why we think most people try and fail to achieve the weight loss goals they set for themselves...

It might be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true...

Motivation and goals alone just won’t get you there.

It’s a hard thing for us to say, but day in and day out we’ve witnessed it and it’s one of the primary reasons we developed the Fast Track to Fat Loss program.

We’ve seen people who are desperate to lose weight and totally 100% COMMITTED to making an effort...falling flat on their faces, time and time again.

It’s the #1 reason we're GIVING YOU this program today with our personal promise that this is different than anything else you’ve tried in the past. Here’s why:

  1. It’s simple. We’ve laid it all out for you in an EASY-to-understand and -follow format with the exact steps you need to take to lose 10 pounds in the next week. And it works 100% of the time. For EVERYONE. Yes, even YOU.
  2. It includes a really supportive community of friendly, helpful people with the SAME goals as you. We can’t overstate the importance of this one.

    We’ve witnessed people trying to change their habits in everything from health, to alcohol, to exercise...and the people who are MOST successful all have ONE thing in common...the caring support of friends, family or a community of like-minded people. (more on this in just a second...)
  3. Some incredibly exciting opportunities to give yourself that extra motivation to reach your personal goals.


We know, we know – your brain is on fire saying “You just told me that motivation won’t get me to my goals...what are you talking about?!?”

Good question, funny answer...

We humans are a bizarre bunch.

Believe it or not, the payoff for “getting healthy” and “losing weight” – no matter how much you want it...just isn’t enough to get you through the goalposts. But we’ve got something extra that will propel you to your goals!

First, we're offering you a cool $500 once you lose 25 pounds with our program!

Why in the world would we do that?


WITHOUT your success story – and the stories of others who are experiencing great success with our program...Fast Track to Fat Loss is just another so called “online weight loss program”.

300 dollar check

We need ongoing PROOF that what we're about to share with you works 100% of the time...for EVERYONE. No matter what your challenges, obstacles, or struggles.

And for your 25-pounds-lost success story we're going to pay you $500. We not only WANT you to lose 25 Lbs (or more), WE NEED YOU to lose that so we can continue to share this program with those who need it!

We’ll do WHATEVER it takes to keep you on track to your ideal weight. It’s our mission...YOUR success is our mission.

Scott Fehr, 42
Lost 68 lbs in 12 weeks and received $500 for his success story

Sounds pretty good right? So what do YOU have to do?

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of our popular Fast Track to Fat Loss program and we’ll tell you why we're 100% CERTAIN it’s the key to reaching your weight loss goals.

Like we said from the start, we’ve spent the past 24 years trying to figure out why SO MANY people have tried and failed miserably at losing weight. And the components that make up the Fast Track to Fat Loss program cover them ALL.

When you take us up on our offer today, we're going to stack the deck IN FAVOR of your success. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • check_circle

    Instant access to the entire Fast Track to Fat Loss program – absolutely FREE (a $197 value)

  • check_circle

    Hundreds of delicious fat-burning recipes (updated twice a week) that are quick, easy, and inexpensive to make (a $57 value)

  • check_circle

    Unlimited access to our Meal Planner to help you plan your own extremely effective meals for fat loss according to your own preferences, budget, and any health issues! (a $100 value)

    Meal Planner Photo
  • check_circle

    Easy-to-follow workout videos (updated every other day) that are tailored to YOU and take just 15 minutes in the privacy and convenience of your own home (a $47 value)

    Display Resistance bands Photo
  • check_circle

    Unlimited access to our Goal Planner - so you have easy-to-follow daily tasks to keep you right on track to your short- and long-term goals (a $60 value)

The Fast Track to Fat Loss program is so MUCH more than just another diet. It’s designed to guide you step-by-step to achieving rapid results...offer the tools to make it easy...and motivates you to reach (and maintain) your goals for the long-term.

Many of our success stories have lost 100 pounds or more AND kept it off for good. Such as Holly and John...

Holly Legyre
Holly Legyre, 54
Lost 115 Lbs in 6 months

John Fabian, 47
John Fabian, 47
Lost 127 lbs in 7 months

Need PROOF That We Really Do

Pay You to Lose Weight?

...get ready to be inspired, click play below....

But there’s one person in particular who really touched us with her personal success story. Her name is Ginger and you won’t believe what she was up against...or what she achieved soon after starting our program (the same program we're giving you for free today)...



And there are over a hundred more success stories, just like Ginger, in our online supportive community site.

Speaking of our community, remember earlier when we told you “motivation alone isn’t enough” to reach your weight loss goals? We meant it. So, one of the other amazing things you get when you join Fast Track to Fat Loss today is...

  • check_circle

    Unlimited access to our supportive community site! You’ll get to virtually hang out with caring people who are on the exact same journey to good health that you’re on. You can share your HUGE wins and occasional setbacks in a warm and supportive environment.

    Online Community Photo
  • check_circle

    The motivation of getting paid for your success story (a $500 value)

    300 dollar check
  • check_circle

    Motivational weekly challenges for additional prizes (prize value is up to $1,500)

In just minutes, you’ll have instant access to a step-by-step blueprint for rapid results...unlimited support from good people who are eager to help you succeed...and all the motivation you need to stick with it for long-term success!

We know paying you to lose weight is a little unorthodox. But in the past 24 years we’ve been able to help thousands of people lose weight (and keep it off), so we’ve learned some things about the way human nature operates.

All we're doing is using the way your brain already works to entice it to help you get to your short- and long-long term weight loss goals. That’s right, we're helping you “trick” your brain into playing along to get these awesome rewards!

The Top 10 Reasons You WILL Absolutely LOVE This Program

  1. PROVEN TO WORK – 100% OF THE TIME: in the 24 years we’ve been online, we’ve never ever seen a case where the program did not work, if followed consistently. To help us prove this and inspire others, we’ll pay you $500 for your story!
  2. EASY TO FOLLOW: there’s no confusing or conflicting information and never any guesswork of what to do when. Just a simple, step-by-step system that you can easily follow for the rest of your life.
  3. TAILORED TO YOU: we've made this program adaptable to your personal preferences, your budget and schedule, and any special conditions or issues you might have, so that it’s perfect for you and easy to stick with.
  4. UNLIMITED PERSONAL SUPPORT: you’ll soon be surrounded by helpful, friendly people who are eager to make sure you succeed. Plus, we're in the online community site every day, adding new content, answering questions, and keeping you motivated.
  5. RESULTS ARE RAPID AND LONG-TERM: we know that if you don’t see results fast, you’ll lose motivation. So we make sure you see results within the first few days...and continue to look forward to our program each new day.
  6. NO EXPENSIVE FOODS OR SUPPLEMENTS NEEDED: we’ll show you how to combine the right foods (that you enjoy), at the right times, in the right amounts – for the best results possible. And your meals will NOT cost any more than what you’re currently paying now.
  7. YOU’LL STAY FULL, ENERGIZED AND SATISFIED: it’s very important that you never feel deprived. We’ll show you extremely effective tips, tricks, secrets and strategies for conquering cravings and staying full and energized throughout the day.
  8. YOU’LL NEVER FEEL GUILTY OR DEFEATED AGAIN: eating is one of life’s great pleasures, so you should never feel guilty about enjoying a delicious slice of pizza or cake. You absolutely can eat the foods you love and lose weight for good – we’ll show you how.
  9. NO MORE LONG, BORING WORKOUTS: simply press play and follow along to workout videos that are tailored to you and take just 15 minutes in the privacy and convenience of your own home. (22- and 30-minute workouts also available)
  10. GET RESULTS, GET PAID, OR GET A REFUND: if you follow the program you WILL get results and we’d love to pay you $500 for your success story. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the program or your results, we’ll promptly refund your money. It's that simple.

Here’s what you WON’T get with our program:

  • do_not_disturb

    NO MORE depriving yourself of the foods you love. Depriving yourself will only result in quitting the plan and gaining back the weight.

  • do_not_disturb

    NO MORE wasting your valuable time counting calories, grams, or points - that's way too tedious and complicated.

  • do_not_disturb

    NO MORE fad diets with a bunch of ridiculous rules and restrictions.

  • do_not_disturb

    NO MORE eating meals different than your friends and family - these should be relaxing, enjoyable times - not embarrassing or stressful.

  • do_not_disturb

    NO MORE wasting your money on expensive weight loss pills or tasteless diet foods - these are neither effective nor sustainable.

  • do_not_disturb

    NO MORE suffering through long, boring workouts - this is not necessary to lose fat fast.

Enroll below and you’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to achieve amazing results like these...

Pam Roth, 44
Lost 50 lbs in 4 months

So how do YOU get started on the Fast Track to Fat Loss right now?

While you’ll receive the entire Fast Track to Fat Loss program absolutely FREE, there is a small one-time $46.95 (Now just $6.95!) fee to register for the challenge.

We can hear you thinking...“You said it was FREE! Have you been LYING to me this entire time??”

No, we have not.

Let me be crystal clear here. When you join the Fast Track to Fat Loss program today, you’ll get instant, lifetime access to the program. And though the entire program is FREE for life, there are administrative costs that go into running the challenge.

And this challenge is absolutely critical to your success because it offers you instant, lifetime access to ALL of the following:

  • Winning $500 cash!
  • The motivation to reach your weight-loss goals
  • Lifetime access to our community site, with Goal and Meal planners, workout videos, and weekly challenges
  • Connect to our staff and other people on the program who are eager to offer you support and encouragement

You get ALL of these essential tools and resources for a one-time $46.95 (Now just $6.95!) fee to help cover the adminstrative costs of the challenge. This is NOT a weekly, monthly, or even annual fee. This is a ONE-time registration fee that then gives you unlimited lifetime access to EVERYTHING that ensures your upcoming success!

This is a one time registration and you’ll never pay another dime to be a part. This tiny amount actually helps me “keep the doors open”, pay the staff, and continually improve all tools and resources that make following the program so easy.

That and only that...is what your $46.95 $6.95 is used for.

Consider it this way...

In the past, how much have you essentially “thrown away” trying to lose weight and get in shape?

A single bottle of “diet pills” costs $20 or more...let alone a gym membership that can cost hundreds a month...and soooo much more if you hire a personal trainer!

How many times have you grabbed the “Lean Cuisine” hoping a change in diet would help you lose weight once and for all?

We’d bet you’ve spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars in pursuit of your health and weight loss...and where has it gotten you?

Shannon LeBle
Lost 38 lbs in 10 weeks

Ultimately, it’s led you right here...and we believe you’re here for a reason.

Ever had a local gym offer to pay you $500 to come get in shape and lose 25 pounds?

What about a supplement company...or the latest fad diet...or weight loss support center.


There’s no other pill, program, gym membership, personal trainer or dietician so utterly convinced at the effectiveness of their program...who’s also willing to put up $500 just for your success story!

Laurie Hamel, 55
Lost 34 lbs in 10 weeks

Oh and one more thing...

With Our EASY 30-DAY 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE, We’ll Eliminate ALL Of The Risk

If for ANY reason you’re not delighted with what you’re about to discover inside our Fast Track to Fat Loss program...

We’ll give you a full refund.

That’s right. Once you’re on the inside, see what’s in store and get to witness what’s possible in your own life, if you’re not ELATED at what you find in the first 30 days, We’ll refund every single penny of your $46.95 $6.95!

moneyback guarantee

Want more proof? We're going to give you our support e-mail (support@fitera.com).

We're certain of your success.

Oh, and one more thing. If you decide you do want a full refund, you can KEEP the entire program...every single component, as a “thank you” for putting your trust in us and trying this program.

Several people have told me, “this all sounds too good to be true!”

We say...try us.

Fast Track to Fat Loss Program
Even if you request a refund, you can KEEP the entire program as a "thank you" for giving it a try!

You have exactly nothing to lose...except all your excess weight!

But seriously, for less than a coffee drink at your local Starbucks, we’ll set the stage for your ultimate success and give you the “motivation” needed to get there.

Our Final Thoughts

As we said from the very beginning...24 years ago, we began showing people from all over the world how to lose fat, get fit, and live a healthy lifestyle – all via the internet.

We honed and perfected new strategies, created new tools and resources, and built an active online community of helpful, friendly people that are eager to help you succeed.

With all the weight loss myths, misconceptions, and flat-out lies out there, it's no wonder why you've struggled to lose weight. It's no wonder you're discouraged, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just about ready to give up.

This has been our live's work for more than two decades and there’s nothing we want more than to help you succeed. So, we’ve created an offer for you that we believe is an opportunity of a lifetime.


  • You’ll receive instant, lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need to lose up to 10 lbs by .
  • Once you’ve lost 25 Lbs, we’ll pay you $500 for your success story.
  • You'll get access to the community site, which includes unlimited access to our meal and goal planners, fat-burning recipes, easy-to-follow workout videos, personal support, and so much more, there’s just a one-time $46.95 (Now just $6.95!) fee to register for the challenge.
  • There is literally NO risk because you are protected by our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

BEST case scenario: we pay you $500 for your inspirational success story...and you continue losing fat until you’re at your ideal weight.

WORST case scenario: you’re unsatisfied – for whatever reason – so you receive a full refund right away and get to KEEP EVERYTHING as a “thank you” for giving it a try.

At just $46.95 (Now $6.95), backed by a 100% quick and easy money-back guarantee, and a supportive community of good people that are eager to make sure you succeed, we hope this is an easy choice.

All you have to do right now is click the button below and get started on the path to your ultimate weight loss and fitness goals…

We’ll be waiting for you on the other side, and anxious to help you succeed!

Enroll by at MIDNIGHT to lose up to 10 lbs by next !


Click the button below to enroll and receive EVERYTHING listed above for a ONE-TIME registration fee of $46.95 (Now just $6.95!).

  • check_circle

    You’ll receive instant, lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need to lose up to 10 lbs by .

  • check_circle

    Once you’ve lost 25 Lbs, we’ll pay you $500 for your success story.

  • check_circle

    To help cover the cost of the challenge and win $500 cash, get access to the community site, and so much more, there’s just a one-time $46.95 (Now just $6.95!) registration fee.

  • check_circle

    There is literally NO risk because you are protected by our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Not Yet Convinced that
this Program WILL Work for YOU?

Here are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

"What results are possible and how soon will I see them?" add

As you can see from our success stories, many people have lost more than 100 pounds on our program in just six months. Others had just 20 pounds to lose and did so in under 30 days. Regardless of the amount, our clients have been able to keep the weight (fat) off for good.

Why? Because they’re eating foods they love and doing activities they enjoy – that fit into their lifestyle.

It’s important to note, we don’t just measure “results” by numbers on a scale, but rather how it has changed our clients’ lives. We’re talking about true changes in:

  • How you look and feel
  • How your clothes fit
  • Your overall health
  • Your confidence in a bathing suit
  • Your energy levels
  • Your personal productivity
  • Your strength, endurance, and athletic performance
  • Enjoyment of fun activities
  • Your personal relationships with friends and family
  • Compliments from friends and family
  • Your self-confidence and improvements in well-being
  • Your overall happiness and outlook on life
  • Decreases in pain, illness, and risk of disease

Our program was created to not just lower the number on the scale, but to truly improve your quality of life. Just like we did for these clients…

John Hastie, 57
Lost 42 lbs of fat
"What makes this program different from the million others out there?" add

There are 4 primary reasons. First, it’s been honed, tweaked and perfected based on scientific research and the results of tens of thousands of clients. Instead of trying to seduce you with the latest fad diet, we give you time-tested and proven methods to activate your fat-burning gene, given to you in clear, concise language that's easy to understand and follow.

Second, we’ve created the program so it’s customizable and adapts to your own unique preferences, any challenges you might have, and your lifestyle.

Third, we give you unlimited, instant access to our online community so you can interact, share, be inspired and become part of the most supportive group in the fitness industry.

Finally, we keep you motivated with our weekly challenges, inspirational videos, and more!

If you’re still skeptical, I invite you to check out the reviews on our Facebook page and our Better Business Bureau listing!

"Can you tell me more about this company, so I can feel assured this opportunity is for real?" add

Absolutely; we’re proud of our 20-year track record and all that we’ve achieved! Here’s just a quick bullet point list about us:

  • Created the world's very first online fat loss and fitness program in 1995
  • Has grown an active online community of over 1,000,000 members around the world
  • Written for over 500 health-related magazines, newsletters, and websites
  • Has an “A” rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for more than two decades
  • Received 5-star ratings across all social media platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Our success stories have featured on the Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil TV shows and countless popular magazines, such as Shape, Women’s Health, Fitness, and People.
  • We’ve already given away more than $100,000 in cash and prizes – including a Maserati sports car, $10,000 cash, luxury cruises, and dream vacations – to our clients, to help get and keep them motivated.
OSU Award
Scott lost 68 lbs and won a Maserati sports car and $10,000

Since 1995, we’ve had the heartfelt honor and privilege of helping change the lives, health and bodies of thousands of women and men online from more than 100 countries around the world.

If you can follow just a few simple instructions, we truly believe this program will change your life too … without giving up the foods you love … without confusing or conflicting information … and without long, boring workouts.

"Who is this program ideal for?" add

This program is for anyone who is sick and tired of:

  • Going on and off diets only to feel more frustrated and discouraged each time
  • All the conflicting information and big promises that don’t live up to the claims
  • Having to rely on will-power to try and stay on track
  • The tedious task of counting calories and depriving yourself of the foods you love
  • Long, boring workouts with very minimal results
  • Having to eat meals that are different than what your friends and family are having

If you want a simple step-by-step plan that’s proven-effective, simple to follow, and tailored specifically for your situation, this weight loss program IS for YOU.

"What are the requirements for getting paid $500 for my success story?" add

Once you enroll, we’ll give you simple, step-by-step instructions for submitting the following:

  1. Your “before” photo.

  2. A quick video showing:

    1. The date when starting
    2. Your waist measurement
    3. Your body fat % (using a caliper or scale with “Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis”)

Once you lose 25 lbs of fat, you’ll then submit your “after” photo and video with the date, your waist measurement, and bodyfat %.


  • Your information, photos, and videos will be kept 100% confidential until you’ve lost 25 lbs (used to inspire others).
  • The 25 lbs lost must be fat, as we do not encourage losing muscle or water weight. Both muscle and water are extremely important for long-term, healthy fat loss because they help condition your metabolism to work more efficiently. We’ll show you an easy formula for determining lbs of fat loss from your body fat %.
  • Once you submit your “before” photo/video, you’ll have 6 months to submit your “after” photo/video verifying your 25 lbs of fat loss.
  • After meeting these requirements, you’ll receive a “Congratulations” email with details for claiming your $500 payment.
"What if I have health, nutritional or injury related limitations?" add

This program was designed to be adaptable to any special limitation, food allergy, injury, disease or ailment, back or joint pain, and/or any other condition that might challenge you.

You will NOT be following some generic food plan that doesn’t take your likes and dislikes, budget, schedule, or special condition into account. Instead, you’ll be choosing the foods you like and that fit well with your lifestyle under the step-by-step guidelines we give you. The same is true with your workout routine.

Plus, you’ll have the support of our online community where you’ll find Chad, his staff, and many others following the program that can offer advice, share their ideas and experiences, and make sure you get the support and encouragement you need.

"Can I still eat all my favorite foods, go out to restaurants, and have fun with friends at social events?" add

Yes! That's the beauty of this program. Instead of restricting you to eating certain foods, we teach you how to enjoy all your favorite foods and adapt your eating habits to your personal lifestyle... WHILE losing weight. This way you don't have to fight cravings or rely on willpower, which fails you every time.

"Do I need to buy any supplements or specialty foods?" add

Absolutely NOT. If you want to use supplements (which are totally optional), we’re happy to offer our expert recommendation ... or if you prefer, show you how to make them yourself using basic ingredients, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

We'll also show you how to use only the most basic, easy to find, affordable recipe ingredients so you don't have to increase your grocery budget. In many cases you'll actually save money!

"Can I access the online community and watch the videos from my iPad or mobile device?" add

Yes, absolutely! Whether it’s the latest nutritional tip, exercise demonstration, motivational video, our meal and goal planners, or workout of the day, everything is fully compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and most all other mobile devices.

In just minutes from now, you’ll receive ALL of the following:

  • Instant access to the entire Fast Track to Fat Loss program (a $197 value) – absolutely FREE
  • Unlimited access to our Meal Planner - enjoy delicious meals that are extremely effective for fat loss and tailored to your preferences (a $100 value)
  • Hundreds of delicious, fat-burning recipes (updated twice a week) that are quick, easy, and inexpensive to make (a $57 value)
  • Easy-to-follow workout videos (updated every other day) that are tailored to you and take just 15 minutes in the privacy and convenience of your own home (a $47 value)
  • Unlimited access to our online supportive community of helpful, friendly people that are eager to make sure you succeed (a $87 value)
  • The reliable research on fat loss updated weekly (a $15 value)
  • Unlimited access to our Goal Planner - so you have easy-to-follow daily tasks to keep you right on track (a $60 value)
  • Motivational weekly challenges for additional prizes (prize value is up to $1,500)
  • The comfort and confidence in knowing that we offer a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the program or your results.
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