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What if Indulging in Delicious ICE CREAM - Every Single Day - Was Actually GOOD For You?

Imagine sitting down to a mouth-watering bowl of ice cream so high in protein and fiber, it actually increases your metabolism, boosts your energy, and satisfies all your cravings.

NO more guilt after eating dessert. NO more stress or regret. NO more depressing trips to the scale the next morning.

This is all a thing of the past with delicious FitFreeze!

Can we PROVE it to you by rushing free samples of FitFreeze right to your door?

Finally, You Can Indulge Your Sweet Cravings and Feel Deeply Satisfied … Without Derailing Your Goals (or Your Diet)

It happens every time … you're sticking to your goals, you're seeing progress, you’re sure this time it will stick. Then, like clockwork:

Your sweet-tooth strikes. HARD.

…forcing you to face tough choices:
  • Do I give in and feel like a failure? Or...
  • Do I buck up and deprive myself until the next sweet craving strikes?

Same dilemma. Every. Stinking. Time.

It's incredibly frustrating. Because, eventually, at some point – You’ll Cave to the Crave…

Woman deciding between healthy and unhealthy options

Look, I understand. We all have our Achilles heel…

Mine is beer. Not just any beer and definitely not “light” beer that’s all watered down and isn’t rich and heavy with flavor.

I like craft beer. Delicious. Cold. It’s what I look forward to at the end of a hard day. I’m guessing you might feel that way about dessert. I get it.

And, if you know anything about drinking beer, it's likely this:

It can cause weight gain (and bloating, if you drink enough of it).

And if there's one thing you know about me, it's likely this:

Health and fitness is my passion. It's what I wake up excited about.

I tell you this to say, I don’t believe in deprivation, and not enjoying life.

Depriving Yourself of What You Love is NOT a Long-Term Solution...

It’s a recipe for failure and intense feelings of guilt and defeat

I take good care of myself so I can justify a craft brew (or two). But what about my kids? What about my wife? They love ice cream – in our family, eating ice cream is almost a sacred ritual. So...

I Kept Asking Myself: How can my family indulge their love of ice cream AND maintain a well-balanced diet? Yeah, I could be the "enforcer" (not a role I want) and suggest carefully-portioned amounts of regular ice cream. Still, most grocery store ice creams are jam-packed with sugar, artificial ingredients and empty calories.

Seriously, I challenge you to read the ingredients in some of the typical supermarket brands:

  • Propylene glycol?
  • Diethyl glycol?
  • Ethyl Acetate?

There’s just NO WAY I’ll knowingly feed my kids those kinds of ingredients. So what’s a health-conscious dad to do?

Every solution felt like deprivation for them, and like being the “bad guy” for me.

And while I was fixating on the "ice cream problem," I started noticing clients and folks in my online community saying things like:

  • "I have such a bad sweet-tooth – I miss ice cream the most"
  • "I try to eat healthy, but I can’t fight the temptation to eat dessert"
  • "I just don’t have the willpower to stick to my diet"

Then, a crazy comment really struck me:

paint background arrow

"If only there was ice cream I could feel good about!"

I knew it was a joke, but it totally captured my imagination. I couldn’t shake the thought, so I started researching the possibility.

It took me 12 years, working closely with 7 food scientists, having in-depth conversations with 23 different health food manufacturers, and a total of $100,382.97 spent on research and development. But I finally created a formula that's the perfect balance of delicious flavor and ice cream texture with all the right ingredients. (and best of all? You'd never know it wasn't “regular” ice cream!)

FitFreeze is a Creamy, Sweet-Tooth-Satisfying Alternative Ice Cream You Won’t Feel Guilty About

Look, We All Know Yo-Yo Dieting Is Miserable…

In fact, most of us know it TOO well. Dieting and maintaining weight loss often involves deprivation and constant self-control. It’s damn hard.

How many times have your goals been derailed by your cravings? And how many times have you restarted your healthy eating plan?

If you said too many to count... I ask you:

What if you could break the cycle, once and for all?

Imagine getting that sweet craving and instead of feeling stressed, you just sit down with a delicious, generous bowl of ice cream. In your kitchen. Or while watching a movie, or hanging out with loved ones.

You enjoy it without “being bad” or feeling guilty.

Now, take it one step further and imagine feeling satisfied, energized – and full – because that bowl of creamy deliciousness is not only satisfies your sweet-tooth, but gives you the fuel you need to stay on track!

An end to the cycle of deprivation – your new FitFreeze reality...
woman in red eating ice cream

An Alternative to Regular Ice Cream That’s GOOD For You, Weight-loss Friendly, AND Sinfully Delicious!!

FitFreeze is high in protein, fiber, and contains the right kind of fat. Plus, it's gluten-free and contains NO artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.

But the best part is... it tastes and feels exactly like the real thingso you can enjoy every heavenly bite as you fuel your body with high-quality nutrition, including protein and fiber.

Is the skeptic in you thinking:

“Yeah right! It's probably Just another nasty, fake-tasting diet product trying to pass as the real thing. I bet it tastes like protein powder, and is super grainy…”

Yeah. I get it.

You’ve heard it all before. But FitFreeze is the real deal. Don’t just take my word for it. Here's what people like you have said about FitFreeze...

Blueberry chocolate ice cream

"FitFreeze hits that sweet tooth spot you know you’re going to get, but you can enjoy a bowl and not feel guilty."
"FitFreeze is my savior. It knocks out all of my cravings for sweets AND it’s good for me! I absolutely LOVE this stuff!"
"Fit freeze tastes just like ice cream but full of nutrients that are good for you. And it helps me stay on track!"

I don’t blame you if you’re skeptical. I mean, I was, why wouldn't you be? To prove it to YOU, I set up a booth at the Europa Nutrition Expo in Phoenix and asked random people to taste FitFreeze for the first time, and filmed them...

Random People Taste FitFreeze for the First Time! Watch What Happens…


Are You Surprised? They Were!
It’s Astounding, Right?

Are you asking yourself:

“How can FitFreeze be just as delicious as "regular" ice cream… AND also be GOOD for me?”

SIMPLE: We’ve replaced all the ingredients (that have virtually zero nutritional value) you find in most ice creams, with ingredients that not only satisfy your cravings but fuel your body and keep you full.

Here’s the skinny: because FitFreeze has a fraction of the sugar and calories of typical ice cream, yet is loaded with important protein and fiber... it’s the treat that pleases your taste buds and your diet plan. Check it out:

INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein Concentrate, Soluble Vegetable Fiber, Non-Dairy Creamer (sunflower oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, mono- and diglycerides, dipotassium phosphate), Sugar, Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavors, Salt, Milk Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Thickening Blend (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), Stevia Extract.

Here’s why FitFreeze works. Consider...

Leading medical authorities report that the very best foods for losing weight (fat) follow these guidelines:

  • Lower in calories (compared to typical full-fat ice creams), yet packed with beneficial nutrients
  • Includes a high-quality protein to fuel your muscles
  • High in fiber to keep you full and satisfied
  • Dietary fat that helps slow the digestion of carbs
  • Contains water to help keep your metabolism running at its peak
FitFreeze packages with bowls of ice cream
They could be describing FitFreeze – it meets every criteria!

"FitFreeze is awesome! It’s high in protein and fiber and helps me stay right on track with my health and fitness goals."
"FitFreeze has dietary fiber, it has protein… and it’s delicious. In every way it’s better than a bowl of regular ice cream!"
"FitFreeze’s protein, fiber, and calories are all right where I want them to be. And that makes it so fun and rewarding!"

10 Ways FitFreeze Helps You Stay on Track with Your Health and Fitness Goals

  1. Satisfies your sweet tooth without sabotaging your success. Your cravings will be satisfied as you fuel your body with nutrients like protein and fiber.
  2. Keeps you full, energized, and satisfied. One single serving of Fitfreeze has a whopping 7 grams of fiber. That’s almost 2 x more than a bran muffin or an apple, and 8 x more than a cup of spinach!
  3. Less of all the ingredients that pack on the pounds, including unhealthy trans fats, processed carbs, and sugar.
  4. Jam-packed with nutrients that support your efforts to stay healthy and fueled between meals, including three types of high-quality protein, fiber, and dietary fat.
  5. Much lower in sugar than typical ice creams. Plus, the protein, fiber, and right kind of fat help to stabilize your blood sugar.
  6. ZERO artificial sweeteners and flavors typically found in “diet” snacks and desserts that are so harmful to your health.
  7. A dessert your entire family will LOVE. You’ll feel good about serving it to your spouse and kids because it isn’t loaded with calories, trans fats, or artificial ingredients. No more feeling tempted – and left out – while the rest of your family enjoys ice cream.
  8. Gluten-free. Whether or not you’re gluten intolerant, you’ll enjoy improving your cholesterol, digestion, and energy levels.
  9. Does NOT contain Propylene Glycol, Diethyl Glycol, Ethyl Acetate or any other tongue-twisting ingredients so many ice creams contain.
  10. Tastes so good it makes staying on track with your goals so much easier! FitFreeze is so incredibly rich and creamy, you won’t believe it’s a satisfying treat that WON’T derail your health and weight loss goals!

The Quick Skinny? With every delectable, mouth-watering spoonful of FitFreeze you’ll...

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Stay on track with your goals
  • Stabilize your blood sugar
  • Boost your energy
  • Fuel your muscles
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Be blown away that you’re eating dessert to improve your health
Finally. A guilty pleasure that eliminates cravings and feeling deprived. And, it’s GOOD FOR YOU!

Wondering if FitFreeze is Good for Kids?

My kids inspired me to go on this long, but rewarding journey to create FitFreeze. There is not one single ingredient in FitFreeze I wouldn't be thrilled for my own kids to eat. It's chock full of the protein and fiber kids actually need to support their growing bodies.

Is FitFreeze safe to feed my children?

FitFreeze has NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial flavors, and NO preservatives. You don’t have to worry about serving them ingredients you can’t even pronounce!

Will my kids like FitFreeze, or is it another thing I have to preach to them about?

Kids love FitFreeze. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know it’s not “regular” ice cream. And whipping up a batch of ice cream with you? Your kids will think it’s a totally cool do-it-together activity – one they actually look forward to!

My two kids and their good friends enjoying FitFreeze

Sound too good to be true?

Maybe you’re wondering: “what’s the catch?”

Nope. NO catch. Promise. Here's how it works:

Our proprietary FitFreeze formula arrives in special pouches as a powder. To turn it into a delicious alternative to “regular” ice cream that’s high in protein and fiber, you simply blend it with water and freeze.

Now you might be thinking: ice cream? in a powder?! Yes, it's the best of both worlds...

Let me explain:

Getting a product on grocery store shelves is a loooong and drawn-out, costly process. It would have made FitFreeze ridiculously expensive – and honestly, it might never have made it to market.

It’s more cost-effective for YOU, to get FitFreeze in powder form. I considered producing FitFreeze “ready-made.”

The challenge?

FitFreeze packages with bowls of ice cream

The price to you! Quality ingredients are costly enough. If we had to add in costs for keeping FitFreeze frozen and expensive preservatives to keep it shelf-stable, you wouldn’t get the same incredible value.

You get MORE of FitFreeze's proprietary magic per container when it comes in powder form than if we put in small tubs in your grocery store freezer.

Buying directly from us saves money on transport, warehousing, and middleman markups that grocery stores tack on to every product.

You now have a FRESH alternative-to-regular ice cream that’s high in protein and fiber, and ready-to-go in your freezer as often as you want to make it. FitFreeze comes in convenient, easy-to-store, resealable pouches. You won't have to deal with old ice cream tubs that absorb freezer smells, and get all crystal-y and gross while taking up precious freezer space.

Expensive prices at a market
The MOST CRUCIAL BENEFIT of Making FitFreeze...


Because FitFreeze is actually a good-for-you alternative to regular ice cream products:

  • Eat a generous helping (no more stingy servings that leave you wanting more)
  • Enjoy a sweet, creamy delicious treat (no more fake sweet treats that don’t satisfy)
  • Choose your favorite add-ins you put into your delectable dessert

You'll get our FitFreeze Recipe Book as a free gift when you order samples. Get ready to enjoy easy, mouthwatering recipes for favorites like:

  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Pina colada
  • Pistachio
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough

Be honest. How many times has a gallon of ice cream at home turned from an innocent-sounding "I'll just have a little bite" into an all-out guilt-inducing splurge-fest?

Hey, we've all been there.

But wouldn't it be better to be virtuously in control?

With FitFreeze, you know exactly what you’re eating, but more importantly, you can “customize” your treat. Make it as rich and creamy as you like, make it as sweet as you want it to be and you’ll control how many calories your treat has, too!

Pistachio ice cream

Making FitFreeze Is As EASY As 1-2-3

It literally takes just 60-seconds to whip up a batch!

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3



FitFreeze Is So Good Even Ice Cream Fanatics LOVE It!

"I’m an ice cream junkie. I have major problems controlling myself. But FitFreeze satisfies my cravings because it tastes soooo good."
"I LOVE ice cream. FitFreeze satisfies my craving, gives me lots of protein and fiber, and it tastes great."

Choose Plain Chocolate or Vanilla ... OR Take 60 Seconds to Whip Up the Taste Sensation of Your Dreams.

It might be the best kitchen-time you spend all week!

Our proprietary FitFreeze formula comes in the two most popular flavors, vanilla or chocolate. But the flavor possibilities are endless.

It's easy to add a few simple ingredients to a batch of FitFreeze so every bite fulfills your sweet-tooth's longing for the flavors you love (and miss).

You'll have total control, you'll make a high-protein dessert, and you'll have zero questionable ingredients.

It only takes 60 seconds and you can use fresh and seasonal ingredients to make an incredibly satisfying dessert that's delectable AND health conscious. You’ll feel more virtuous with every bite.

FitFreeze packages with bowls of ice cream

It's so easy… even if you're a dud in the kitchen! We include delicious, simple recipes you'll love!

See for yourself:


With all these flavor possibilities, you'll NEVER get bored! Mix it up. Keep it simple. Satisfy your cravings.

mint chocolate chip

Our Mint Chocolate Chip recipe

(made with chocolate FitFreeze)

chocolate cherry chip recipe

Our Chocolate Cherry Chip recipe

(made with chocolate or vanilla FitFreeze)

cookies and cream recipe

Our Cookies & Cream recipe

(made with vanilla FitFreeze)

Creamy, Mouth-Wateringly Delicious FitFreeze Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!

I want you to experience FitFreeze for yourself, so I can prove YOU’LL LOVE the delicious, creaminess in every bite.

You’ll feel virtuous and indulgent at the same time. Tasting is believing.

Right now, get your free 2-serving sample of the FitFreeze flavor of your choice, for just the cost of shipping.

You pay just $6.95 for shipping. Then if you love it and decide to order more, I’ll deduct the $6.95 from your order (and more, up to $29.40 back as a credit)!

And to make sure you enjoy the full indulgent FitFreeze experience, you'll also get our special FitFreeze Recipe Book – a $9.95 value – at NO charge.

FitFreeze packages with bowls of ice cream
You’ll Receive:
  • Two FULL servings of FitFreeze in the flavor of your choice
  • The FitFreeze Ice Cream Recipe Book as a free bonus
  • All you pay is $6.95 for shipping (and if you place an order later on – I’ll deduct the $6.95 and more - up to $29.40 back to you as a credit)!
And don’t worry, there are NO hidden fees, NO recurring billing, and NO obligation to buy anything, EVER!

Are You Ready to Indulge Your Sweet-Tooth WITHOUT the Guilt & Sacrifice?

If so, simply click below and tell us where to send it...
vanilla sample pouch chocolate sample pouch
chocolate or vanilla

"Hey, wait just a minute...Why do I pay $6.95? I thought these were FREE samples?!"

Good point. Allow me to explain:
  1. You're getting FitFreeze for free – we're paying 100%. You're simply paying for the delivery right to your doorstep. We've both got skin in the game. Because it's true – we don't value what we don't pay for.

    Anyone can request a free sample. Someone who's really committed to their health and their families well-being will gladly pay $6.95 to have it shipped to them. And you'll get that back if you love it and choose to order again. That’s right, the $6.95 (and more, up to $29.40 off) will go towards your next order if you want more!

  2. I don't know about you, but if I pay any amount of my hard earned cash for something, I'm sure as heck going to use it.
  3. I'm beyond-a-shadow-of-any-doubt confident you will love FitFreeze – and you'll be thanking me. But for that to happen… YOU HAVE TO TRY IT, TASTE IT, AND BELIEVE IT YOURSELF!

Here's the thing… my goal isn't just to get a sample of FitFreeze in your hands. This isn't some clever plot to get rich off of a $6.95 shipping charge (I don't make a dime on shipping). Here's my real goal:

I Want You to LOVE FitFreeze!

If you're still thinking… this sounds great buuuut...

  1. Is it really good for you?
  2. Does it really taste like creamy, delicious ice cream?
  3. And will it actually meet my expectations?
YES. YES. And definitely YES.

But YOU WON'T KNOW FOR YOURSELF until you try it. Until you let me PROVE it to you.

AND get this...

If you love your free sample, and you decide to buy a full-sized package of FitFreeze, I'll deduct the $6.95 shipping fee from your order (and more, up to $29.40 off)! And don’t worry...

Lady with a question mark above her head
There are NO hidden fees, NO recurring billing,
And NO obligation
to buy anything, EVER!
vanilla sample pouch chocolate sample pouch
chocolate or vanilla

FitFreeze Has Helped Hundreds of Happy People Stay On Track With Their Health and Fitness Goals

Here are just a few of their stories…
FitFreeze is awesome!!! It’s my go-to snack whenever I have a sweet tooth. It’s been really helpful as a high-protein alternative to ice cream!
Melody Thompson, 42
I eat FitFreeze almost every day and I look and feel better now than I did 20 years ago. And it’s so delicious, I feel like I’m cheating every time I enjoy it!
Shannon LeBle
FitFreeze is such a great product and I look forward to it every day! It really helps with my cravings and offers the protein and fiber I need as I work towards my personal health and fitness goals!
Mark Carlson, 60
FitFreeze has been such a life-saver for me. I used to have a really tough time saying no to dessert… and now I don’t have to! Thank you, THANK YOU!!
Jody Stapleton, 42
FitFreeze provides important nutrition I need, such as protein, fiber, and the right kind of fat. Anyone who struggles to give up dessert should try FitFreeze!
Jamie Spenner, 54
Never in a million years would I have imagined that I could eat dessert and still feel good. FitFreeze is a MUST for anyone who struggles with cravings, yet wants to look and feel great!
Jonnie Fox, 57
Over the years my weight had gotten out of control, mostly because I was eating too much junk food. FitFreeze has been so helpful in helping me improve my health without giving up ice cream!
Scott Fehr, 42
This is my new favorite dessert and it has helped me in so many ways! I highly recommend FitFreeze to anyone who wants to look and feel better, without having to give up ice cream!
Lee-Pierre Shirey, 60
I cannot believe I continue to look and feel better while enjoying ice cream every day – this is truly amazing. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for such an amazing product. I’m telling all my friends!!
Kimberly Shuman, 50
This stuff is really good – I love it! I cannot wait to try all your amazing flavor recipes and really love and appreciate your meal planner, which helps makes sure all my meals are balanced correctly!
John Hastie, 57

Our Fans on Facebook, Amazon, the Better Business Bureau Speak Out...

positive Facebook reviews
positive BBB reviews
positive Amazon reviews

Are You Wondering...

What Makes FitFreeze Different than Other “Healthy” Ice Creams on the Market?

With the recent trend toward low-fat ice creams, it can be difficult to tell which products are the real deal and which ones are selling you on a dream.

So, let me break it down for you:

Recently, I’ve seen a few “healthy” ice creams appear on the market. Their main selling point: LOW-CALORIE ICE CREAM.

Calorie count is front and center on their packages. It’s as if they want you to believe eating the entire pint is okay because it’s so low in calories.

But losing fat and staying healthy isn't just about limiting calories... it's about getting the most amount of high-quality nutrients possible.

So yes, calories matter, but it’s the nutrient QUALITY of those calories that matters MOST.

FitFreeze is high in protein, fiber, and omega 3s

And those low-calorie ice creams are just that, lower calorie treats that lack the key nutrients – like protein, fiber, and the right kind of fat – necessary for staying full, satisfied and energized.

So even if you down the whole pint, will you be satisfied? Or will you just feel sluggish, starved of nutrients, and hungry again a little while later?

What’s the point of low calories then? The cycle of guilt and defeat continues.

That’s why you need a treat that prioritizes lower calories AND nutrient quality.

That’s why you need FitFreeze. Get this:

FitFreeze has 15 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber and 4.5 grams of dietary fat – providing the high-quality nutrients you need

...and hey, it’s ice cream, remember? How great is that?!

Now that I’ve lectured you … (sorry, but sharing this kind of information is my mission in life) … let me ask you a final question that might be rolling around in your mind:

“Who the heck is this ‘high-protein ice cream guy’
and why should I listen to him?

I’m Chad Tackett, and for the last 22 years I’ve had the distinct honor of helping women and men of all ages and sizes from around the world to lose weight, get fit, and live a healthier lifestyle.

My journey started after getting my degree in Exercise Science & Nutrition from Oregon State University. But everything really took off when I launched the world’s very FIRST online weight loss program in 1995.

The program has evolved into a robust, active community filled with amazing supportive people who share the common goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been an amazing learning experience for me. I’ve gained a deep understanding of the challenges people are up against when trying to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and stay motivated.

Developing FitFreeze started as a far-fetched idea. Now, 12 years and $100,382.97 later, high-protein ice cream is a reality I’m crazy excited to share with you.

And one thing I’m certain of: No matter your struggles… YOU absolutely CAN enjoy a healthy lifestyle. BUT ONLY if you make choices that help you stay on track.

And I believe – 100% and beyond a shadow of ANY doubt – that FitFreeze can be a big part of making healthy choices, for you. I look forward to proving this to you and to hearing your incredible success story.

Chad's Signature

Chad Tackett


Chad Tackett, creator of FitFreeze

P.S. Here’s What Might Happen IF You Don’t Take Advantage of This Offer Right Now...

I've been helping people with their health and fitness for the last 22 years, so I can make a pretty good guess:

You’ll most likely continue doing exactly what you're doing, looking and feeling the same this time next week … and next month … and probably next year.

You’ll be miserable, still depriving yourself of desserts. Or, you’ll continue to sneak the occasional dessert. And you’ll feel guilty, ashamed and frustrated beyond belief, as those nasty pounds start sneaking back.

You might even start thinking: "Maybe I'm just supposed to be fat." or "I just have to accept this is how I'm supposed to look and feel..."

I've seen this ugly cycle replay itself over and over. But this DOESN'T have to be YOUR reality. You have another option: FitFreeze.

You don’t have to choose between delicious and good for you – with FitFreeze you get BOTH.

Displeased woman eating a carrot

Are You Ready to Enjoy a Delicious ICE CREAM Alternative Without the Guilt and Regret?

Just imagine sitting down to a delicious bowl of ice cream, enjoying every mouth-watering bite…

But this time is different. This time there’s NO guilt or regret. This time you don’t feel stuffed and lethargic immediately after.

And there’s NO depressing trip to the scale the next morning, angry with yourself for giving into temptation.

With FitFreeze, that’s all a thing of the past.

woman eating ice cream on sofa

In Case You’re STILL Skeptical, More FitFreeze Success Stories...

I am so excited by my progress and enjoying every new day. Thank you for FitFreeze, all your support in the community site, and for believing in me!
Lisa Clarke, 40
I love that FitFreeze is not just a lower calorie ice cream, but rather one that’s packed with nutrients to make you healthier! And it’s delicious!
Eric Aieu, 37
FitFreeze has made sticking with with my health goals so much easier. I’m excited to try all your flavor recipes and will let you know my favorites!
Jeanne Glazer, 41
I was really surprised at how good FitFreeze tasted, but was SHOCKED when my husband and kids liked it too! We all look forward to enjoying FitFreeze together!
Esther Merwe, 43
You’ve made a believer out of me and my wife. We figured it wouldn’t derail our health goals since it’s so high in protein and fiber… but never imagined we’d be excited to eat it!
Darrell Porter, 42
This stuff is really good and I’m happy to report that it’s helping me look and feel better. I’ll definitely recommend this to friends and family!
Randy Wright, 42
FitFreeze is such a great alternative to regular ice cream! It’s so delicious, I never feel as if I’m just settling for something healthier. I now actually PREFER FitFreeze over regular ice cream!
Pam Roth, 44
FitFreeze has been an absolute Godsend for me and my family! I’ve always struggled with eating too many sweets, but now I can enjoy delicious FitFreeze and get the nutrients I need without the guilt of regular ice cream!
John Fabian, 45
I absolutely LOVE everything about FitFreeze – the taste, the texture, how it makes me feel… EVERYTHING! It makes sticking to a healthy-eating plan so much easier and I couldn’t recommend more highly!
Laurie Hamel, 55
I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of an ice cream alternative that could allow me to feel good about myself. I am now a true-believer and look forward to eating it every day!
Neil Macmillin, 40
I love, LOVE your FitFreeze ice cream as a healthier alternative!! And I really appreciate all your personal support in the online community site. You are THE BEST!!
Terri Myers, 61

Do You Want Dessert Without Guilt? Click Below and Tell Us Where to Send Your Free Samples!

*We pay for the samples, you pay for the shipping. Fair deal, right? Plus, the $6.95 shipping fee will be deducted if you decide to place an order later on (even more, up to $29.40 off your order)!

There are NO hidden fees, NO recurring billing, And NO obligation to buy anything, EVER!
vanilla sample pouch chocolate sample pouch
chocolate or vanilla

Got Questions? We Have the Answers.

1. Why does FitFreeze come in pouches as a powder? add

By selling FitFreeze as a powder, you get MORE of FitFreeze's proprietary magic per container – and it costs less. You’ll have FRESH ice cream ready-to-go in your freezer when you want and as often as you want – no more old crystal-y ice cream tubs that you can’t stop thinking about and end up going to waste.

2. Why do you charge $6.95 for FREE samples? add

We're paying 100% for Your FitFreeze. You're paying for delivery because I want you to commit … to have “skin” in the game. To ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE FitFreeze. If you love FitFreeze as much as I think you will and decide to purchase a full-sized container later, I’ll deduct the $6.95 from your order (even more, up to $29.40 off)! Sound fair?

3. What’s in FitFreeze? add

FitFreeze is loaded with the nutrients you need to support a healthy lifestyle. It’s high in protein, fiber, and includes the right kind of fats.

It has NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial flavors, and NO preservatives. And it definitely doesn't have any of the questionable ingredients you find in so many traditional ice creams.

But the best part is it tastes and feels exactly like the real thingso you can enjoy every heavenly bite as you fuel your body with highly satisfying nutrients.

Here is a list of the ingredients:

Whey Protein Concentrate, Soluble Vegetable Fiber, Non-Dairy Creamer (sunflower oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, mono- and diglycerides, dipotassium phosphate), Sugar, Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavors, Salt, Milk Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Thickening Blend (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), Stevia Extract.

4. How is FitFreeze different than other low-calorie ice creams? add

Some ice cream is being marketed as low calorie. OK. Fewer calories, but not any healthier!

FitFreeze has 15 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, and the right kind of fat – which means it will not only satisfy your sweet-tooth, but also satisfy your hunger too – making it easier to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

5. Does it really taste like delicious, creamy ice cream? add

Yes! I spent 12 years, and $100,382.97 on research and development, to create a formula that's the perfect balance of delicious flavor and ice cream texture – so it tastes like the real thing. You'd never know it wasn't 'regular' ice cream.

Plus, you saw the taste-test reactions on video above. But the BEST way to know if FitFreeze tastes like delicious, creamy ice cream, is to try it for yourself.

6. What does FitFreeze cost if I love it and want to order more? add

As a new FitFreeze customer, you’ll receive a special discount that comes out to about $2 per serving.

That’s less than a small Dairy Queen Blizzard that’s loaded with sugar, trans fats, preservatives and calories.

It’s about half of a Starbucks coffee drink that’s full of trans-fats and preservatives … or a protein bar that’s really just a candy bar in disguise (and that often tastes like sawdust).

For a tasty treat that’s loaded with nutrients, $2 a serving is a steal!

7. What if I have more questions – how can I contact you? add

My team is here to help. If you have any additional questions feel free to email us directly at

Ready to Indulge Your Sweet-Tooth WITHOUT the Guilt and Sacrifice?

vanilla sample pouch chocolate sample pouch
chocolate or vanilla

*We pay for the samples, you pay for the shipping. Fair deal, right? Plus, the $6.95 shipping fee will be deducted if you decide to place an order later on (even more, up to $29.40 off your order)!

There are NO hidden fees, NO recurring billing, And NO obligation to buy anything, EVER!